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Runnin' with the big dogs...we have a new BIG brother!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Well, we fostered Satori this summer and for some reason, mom and dad decided to adopt her...then they did it again?!

Although we don't normally have big dogs in our house, it's not because we don't like them. We do- but we have had some bad things happen when it comes to the difference between bigs and littles living together. These experiences and other stories mom and dad know about, caused them to believe it wasn't an option to have a big dog (which dad really wanted)...until they met Theon.

Mom was at an adoption event and a foster brought a sweet black lab mix, at the time, named Theon. When mom looked into his eyes, she was hooked. She could not believe what a gentle and sweet dog he was, especially for a 7 month old puppy!

You might know mom does not like puppies. Even Satori makes her crazy sometimes (A LOT)- like when she ate a Billy Idol cd, which mom would never have imagined would be a "dangerous" chew item to watch for!?

But at least Satori is can just pick her up and put her in her crate if need be- but a puppy that's a big dog was a definite NO WAY.

But Theon didn't act like a puppy- actually he acts as old as me?! He is definitely an easy going guy (he must have learned it from me) and he doesn't get all crazy like Satori (and might I add, Little Mouse, although she'd paw me if she knew I said that).

Dad met Theon at another event they attended and they decided to foster him. They were very careful especially initially, but when they saw how gentle he was- especially when playing with Satori- they started to think maybe he might stay.

He had some quirks and he was very shy because he grew up in someone's yard without much socialization, especially with people- although he was not nearly as scared of so many of the dogs I have met through fostering with Motley was clear how much mom and dad loved him, but we still weren't sure he would be ok with everyone, especially the boarding dogs mom and dad often care for.

There were some questionable times, but in the end, mom and dad knew they could not let him go- and that we were the best family for him.

I can't say I disagreed- and Little Mouse doesn't mind him at all either (she really doesn't pay him mind). Tut isn't scared and he keeps Satori entertained (and from making us all crazy), so it really works. He lets her take his toys and he waits politely for the cat to finish drinking- and most of all, he is pretty lazy which works for mom!

But he needed a new name. Dad called him the Man in Black, so they named him Cash (as mom wasn't thrilled about initially him wanting to name him "Sue" like the Johnny Cash song, "A Boy Named Sue"). It fits- and pays homage to THE MAN. It all fits...

And most of all, so does he. I am proud to have a younger BIG brother who can help us spread the word about rescue, adoption and our family's Zoorenity business. Cash is my pal!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Rescue rocks-


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