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toasting mom and dad!

today is feb 23- mom and dad's 15th anniversary! can you believe it? they have been together fooooreeeever! they still really love- and like- each other too. that's even crazier ;)

today is a day to celebrate- which i will tell you about...but today is also a sad day because it is the third anniversary of our sister, zelda's death.

it was really horrific as she was burned so badly by the vet that she subsequently died. she and meatball and i were like the 3 musketeers- we all miss her. viva zelda!

however, something else (fun) is celebrated today too: motley zoo animal rescue's 11th anniversary! mom antd dad have been saving animals for so long- more than 3,000 total! meaty and i are really proud of the work they have done- and all the friends we have made in the process. we feel lucky mom and dad chose us- because they had many dogs to choose from!

but today was dedicated to mom and dad so meaty and i thought it'd be a good idea to take them on a spirits tasting adventure in woodinville! we have been wine tasting there a few times (most are very dog friendly), but we wanted to try something different.

we first stopped at seaspirits distillery. not sure if you know, but dad loves the ocean so mom picked this one especially for him- plus they make rum, which mom and i use for our famous mojitos!

we were one of the first there that day so we got lots of attention which is always awesome. they started us off with their vodka which rather than potato or grain based, uses sugar cane! it was really good and crisp tasting (mom told me)- but it was a bit hard to drink straight vodka!

mom and dad were a little surprised they didn't make the tasting with a mixer- or have mixers there if you wanted them, but it is understandable the taste of the spirit is what you are really measuring- and anything else might hide its true it makes sense- we just didn't know and they took it easy ;)

next we started on the molasses based rum and tried the silver, spiced, coconut and barrel aged. mom loved the coconut one- and the spiced. dad liked the barrel aged because it had a smoky, whiskey twinge.

the distillery was owned by the family of the guy serving us. he told us they have a dog (there) and their family members all have them- but we couldn't meet the dog because he was too big and rambunctious for us...which is fine by me, you know how much i love that kind of energy (read: stupid satori)!

in all this was a great experience! we definitely recommend it. we bought a few bottles to enjoy later!

mom and i don't like whiskey but dad and meatball do. mom knows one of dad's favs is woodinville whiskey, so that was out next destination- but first we figured we should get something in our stomachs! one of our fav places in the area is called purple- and they have some great options including a fig pizza which is very unusual, but extremely delicious.

keeping in the spirit of the day, they got a cheese and crackers plate and mom got a mimosa, which we both love. it was a nice, quick lunch but no dawdling because we had more to taste!

parking is always a b*^%$ in the area and there was none at WW so mom and dad tried to find something nearby where they could taste there and then walk.

we stopped at novelty hill/ januik winery whose parking lot was monitored by an attendant so we knew we wouldn't be able to walk across the street without being noticed, but decided to just go with it and go in.

it was crowded inside and there seemed to be a tasting event down the stairs so we went to see if we could participate. at the bottom of the stairs we met some employees who told us (nicely) we were not allowed in the private event, but worse, meaty and i weren't allowed AT ALL?! they are not dog friendly, folks! so we all just went back to the car. i walked all that way for nothing!?

i am not sure how i feel about a no dogs policy anyway- so it's their loss we couldn't review their wine!

we parked at delille winery which has a big lot with extra space and walked across the street. it was a good thing dad had his zoorenity poop bags on him because meaty and i really had to go!

mom and dad are always happier when we go outside rather than realizing once we get inside somewhere...i have made that mistake before and it was a little embarrassing! my bladder is the size of a pea so i have to pee a lot (A LOT) and i don't give many cues before i just squat and let it go.

woodinville whiskey was busy but we got right to it. everyone was doting over meaty and i of course, but by now i was getting tired for 3rd nap (we take at least 7), so mom held me most of the time while meaty worked the crowd a bit. people think he's so funny because he walks up to them, wags his tail then turns around so they have to scratch his rump.

it was so much more impressive when i used to do a handstand when someone did that to me! mom asks me why i don't do it the time, i was trying to impress new adopters so you gotta pull out all the stops to get people to want you, you know!?

however, since mom and dad adopted me so i didn't have to try so hard anymore- but i just tell her i am old and creaky...i could totally still do it ;)

meaty and dad tired their whiskey samplings- straight bourbon, straight rye, double barrel and port aged all of which dad liked. he also got to try the triple barrel limited edition which was smoky!

in the end, dad decided on a bottle of the double barrel to take home. he's been trying different kinds of whiskey to make a sazerac- which a friend introduced him to, but he hasn't been able to replicate it...we will be sure to share the recipe with you should he finally get it!

mom and i were just patiently waiting for the "dessert": maple syrup aged in the empty whiskey barrels!

there is a slight whiskey taste which compliments the maple flavor but it isn't too overwhelming, even for mom and my non whiskey loving palates! we had also used up auntie carol's syrup at brekky (oops), so we got a bottle for her along with ours.

the day wasn't over yet- mom and dad like to go to the melting pot for dinner, but dogs aren't allowed there, so they brought us home first. meaty and i were overdue for 4th (5th, 6th and 7th) nap anyway...

mom and dad have a trick for you though: go to melting pot's happy hour and you can get the same stuff for a fraction of the price!

mom and dad used to go there "for special" and spend enough for 3 meals?! but now they know they can go whenever they want and they don't have to splurge!

so friends, true love is still alive with mom and dad- but i am too tired to celebrate it one moment more.


little mouse

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