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no more jacked up cat eye here!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

mom taught me how to do my makeup and our favorite look is the cat eye with a liquid liner....but how hard it is to get this to stay- and not look jacked up within 5 minutes!

mom and i tried everything. she has exceptionally sweaty eyelids and i just tend to sleep with my face shoved in a blanket- and nothing seemed to last. mom is so busy she never really looks in the mirror- but i have heard her audibly gasp at her reflection and how f'ed she looks. she once said she looked like eddie izzard on a bad day...which is an insult to him because we think he looks good!

it was also hard to get a good tip, brush or applicator that allowed for a fine line. i would start out with a nice audrey hepburn like line and suddenly end up like amy winehouse! then to get it off it required starting all over again with everything- concealer then powder, then liner...often the residual makeup remover made the next application of liner even less likely to stay on as well.

we couldn't win. it got to the point where mom was begging dad to tattoo her eyeliner on.

in case you didn't know, dad is a tattoo artist- his side gig. at one point he wanted to switch from making video games to tattooing full time- but after a while he decided he didn't want to make the switch after all. he turned back to reinvesting himself into his 3d art gig and only does tattooing for fun...but he's never done eyelids and he doesn't want to do mom's.

the search for eyeliner went on- and mom even researched where she might be able to get eyeliner tattooed. it seems this is not as prevalent as it once seemed- and it was harder than she thought to find a reputable place. she talked to people who had it done- and she kept the page bookmarked on the chrome...

i was skeptical- we'd tried so many...but this one worked!

it's got a great felt marker tip that is flexible and allows for the thinnest, finest of lines. you can draw over it even before it's dry (without it pulling the previous layer of color out)- and it wipes off pretty easily when wet, without the need of makeup remover for a quick touch up. it goes on really smoothly and fine- and mom doesn't look like amy winehouse, unless she wants to.

mom wore it all day and even with her super sweaty eyelids, it stayed on for more than and literally, stayed on all day! f' yeah!

even when i sleep with my face shoved in the blanket (snoring loudly), i wake up looking like i don't have pillow face! i leave dog daycare looking like i did when i went in that morning- and so does mom.

this baby lives up to its name! thanks stila for making something that really does stay on- even when you have extra sweaty eyelids.

rock on-


little mouse

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