Zoorenity NO PLASTIC Compostable Poop Bags

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These 100% compostable* poop bags are great for reducing the impact your pet makes on the environment!

These bags are guaranteed to break down fast and without contaminating microplastics that damage the planet and all its creatures.

Improve your pet's carbon footprint- this sh*t matters!

Box Contains: 16 rolls
Roll Contains: 240 bags
Materials: 100% vegetable based bag and ink; recyclable cardboard inner core and packaging

*Bags are compostable but please, not in your local food waste bin. Poop must be composted separately and cannot be used on gardens that grow human food products.

Many cities are starting facilities to compost pet waste- and there are some private companies as well, so look into your local options.

However, we know that no matter whether the bags are actually composted in the end, they will still break down in a reasonable amount of time and leave NO TRACES of microplastics or waste to contaminate the planet!

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