Soothe your beasts with serenity in a bottle- Zoorenity CBD is for pets but Soulrenity is designed for you in mind!


This is CBD for you- 33 capsules- which comes in a 15mg capsule of CBD in MCT coconut oil or 25mg of CBD in hemp oil.


Both are forumlated for the same applications in regard to anxiety, pain and to stimulate feelings of enhanced well-being, but as the strengths differ you may consider one for day use and othe other for nighttime.


Both contain broad spectrum, full flower CBD but the 15mg is in a light colored MCT coconut oil and the 25mg is a dark colored hemp oil.


The 25mg capsules in hemp oil also contain peppermint and stevia, which is a natural, plant based sweetener.


The capsules themselves are vegan!


If you are not sure how these products may work for you,. we suggest you order the sample size of 6 capsules, which will offer 3 days of use when taken morning and night.


We believe you will feel the difference with Soulrenity!





Soulrenity- CBD for humans- 33 capsules

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33 Capsules
  • Our hemp is from small, family farms in Colorado with sustainable, organic practices.

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