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stay 800% more beautiful than anyone else!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

dad asked mom if she wanted to go to the store today because they ran out of brekky foods (and had coupons for free donuts)- and he knew she's been trying to add in some extra activity for their trip to Africa (it is a lot of hiking to find the gorillas).

mom said no at first because she wasn't ready- and pointed to her face which literally had half make up on one side (go stila "stay all day" eyeliner!) and none on the other.

dad said to her, "even like that you are still 800% more beautiful than anyone we will see on this trip"...and mom burst out laughing.

we're not quite sure how he arrived at that figure, but it must be quite scientific. dad is pretty smart you know. he's a genesis (wait till you hear that story).

well, there's a secret to this science, folks- it keeps mom looking much younger than she is at her age- and why i look so good at mine...

well really, it's not an f*ing secret, it's just sunscreen.

if you wear it, you will look younger than if you don't- especially if you wear products that contain it every day.

but, there is something to know about which kind of sunscreen you buy- and why it's important to be selective.

it is important to know that the things you buy affect animals and the environment- and that you need to make the best choices you can when it comes to how you spend your money.

first off, did you know that some companies test their products on animals? dogs- especially like our beagle friend, bosley- are used in testing products for human application and consumption!

it's horrific because they may never have ever been outdoors, or touched grass. mom has met a few of these dogs and she said it's so sad how they don't know how to be dogs! i can't even imagine as i have been lucky to be a dog for most of my life- although i did originally come from a shitty puppy's where i get my extra unusual looks!

next, not all sunscreens are reef-safe!

some sunscreens actually contribute to the destruction of reefs and fish that live there. if you are going to be in the ocean snorkeling, you really need to find a reef-safe product, even if otherwise you use something else when on land.

our favorite kind is alba botanica's hawaiian sunscreen, which is a clear spray (self-propelled). it goes on smooth, not sticky and you can even spray it on your mohawk like dad does to protect his really white head and ears!

it has a nice coconut smell and it is both cruelty-free and reef-safe- we give 4 paws up for that!

actually, it is alba botanica's even advanced daily moisturizer with spf 15 that mom uses every day too! it is the only one she trusts- as she's tried lots of other kinds and they didn't work as well. any time she's strayed, thinking there might be something better, she always goes back to alba's line!

that product is great too because it goes a long way and its small size travels well- she's taken it all around the world because it is TSA approved.

if mom and dad need more face or body coverage (for their tattoos primarily), they use alba botanica's kid's mineral or hawaiian sunscreen with green tea spf 45. this size too is also travel friendly and they stock up well in advance of their trips because they don't want to be without in a foreign land!

meatball is lucky because he doesn't have the fair (naked) skin i get from mom and dad (who are usually the most pale people around)- so he doesn't have to wear sunscreen...and he still looks good at his age! but meaty agrees, nonetheless, that when he licks any of us, he'd rather it be alba botanicals!

remember, even if your animals don't need sunscreen, they can get too hot and dehydrated in the sun. mom has some tips regarding how to keep your pets safe in summer, so you can make sure you have everyone covered this year!

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