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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

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"Hey there! My name is Meatball! My sister, Little Mouse, and I decided to start our own blog. We’re excited to tell you about our family’s adventures. Hopefully we can make some new friends in the process and maybe even teach each other some things along the way!

We help our parents run a rescue called Motley Zoo Animal Rescue… I’m in charge of security, so you all better keep in line! Heh.. We help other pets that need to find new families.

Little Mouse and I are excellent teachers, showing them how to behave and never forgetting to emphasize how important it is to keep an eye out for any indication that the blanket might come out. After all, if you’re not first to get under that blanket, you’re last… and there might not be room for you if you don’t shake a tail!

I have a lot of hobbies that I’m excited to tell you about. From DIY projects, animal related art, travels around the town and world (with tips of course, on how to keep your own pets happy while on your own adventures), to our favorite restaurants and bars… Which, by the way I should mention so it’s not awkward later, that I have my own beer. I’ll be sure to tell you about soon!

Well, nice to meet you, let’s get this party started!

“as a 3 pound dog, i have a unique perspective on sh*t.”- little mouse

Little Mouse:

hey there everyone! i'm little mouse- aptly named for my 3lb size. despite being small however, make no mistake, i can handle myself just fine, thank you!

i am sweet but not really cuddly (unless there's a blanket involved)- mom says i am a little rude actually since people always want to meet me and i usually turn the other way...that is, unless they have a TOY. then they're speaking my language!

i am a super-avid fetch athlete and i take my training seriously. i have even been featured in ____ dog magazine as "the athlete".

i spend hours thinking about fetching and once i start, i have the endurance of a labrador- i can go for hours! the humans usually get tired before i do, whining about their arms hurting, they have to go to work/ bed and bullsh*t like that! they cannot appreciate the art of fetching the way i do...although it's a lot harder for me since i lost my teeth a few years back. the 3 i had used to perfectly grasp the toys- now i have to have special shapes and materials for these aging bones.

i am a bit of a fashionista.

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