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Potty Training 1 -2 -3

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Ummm… Hello there. Meatball here to give you some tips and tricks on potty training.

You see, not all pups are as smart as me! Lucky for you, I’ve got a few good ideas for you to try.

Opportunity, opportunity.

If you don’t want your pup peeing on your floor, give them plenty of opportunities to go outside. Watch for suspicious behavior (like sniffing and spinning before squatting), but don’t expect them to tell you. It’s up to you to establish a language between you and your dog- and I’m not talking about barking at them for making a mistake!

Give them plenty of chances to succeed. Set a timer to train yourself to remember to create opportunities can be a huge help to both of you. Make a shorter wait time if they didn’t go when last taken out; slightly longer if they did.

Zen Den

Crate at night, when you’re not home or too busy to be paying attention.

This will keep the little whippersnappers out of trouble and help with them learn to hold it. Just make sure the crate isn’t so big that they get the bright idea that there is plenty of room to make half of it a toilet! Heh.. it happens and is as gross as it sounds!

Don’t worry, most of us like our crates. It’s kind of like a bedroom. Just be sure to again, offer opportunity to relieve themselves before and after crating. Also, don’t crate so much your pups aren’t getting enough exercise- or only when you leave home without them- and chances are they’ll learn to love their crates when you're home too.

Repetition makes perfection

We dogs like routine. Pottying at the same time and in the same place, will help us to figure it out. Ask Dad, he knows we still get up early although he wishes he could sleep in on the weekends!

If your pup is still struggling to figure it out, try cleaning up the mess with a paper towel and take it outside and put it where you want them to go. Let them sniff it and give lots and lots of praise if they go. Sometimes, just associating that scent can help get things moving.

For the really little ones, or really old ones that can’t hold it anymore… or some of the less predictable ones like my sister, Little Mouse (don’t tell her I told you!), potty pads can really help.

Shameless plug- we have great, Zoorenity: Reusable Potty Pads available!

For whelping puppies, these durable, water-proof pads aren’t as easily chewed and torn up as the plastic ones- and for everyone else, they reduce a massive amount of waste.

We decided to start making and selling these to reduce single use plastic. We hate the impact it has on the environment and all the animals in the wild. Plus, they just look way cooler with wild, zebra print than the ugly plastic crap that looks exactly like what it is.

If you’re still struggling with potty training or you pup hates their crate, let me know with a comment below. Others probably have the same question!

You might need to consider hiring a professional trainer for some of your problems- but otherwise, try me! I’m not a pro, but I’ve helped a lot… a lot… of foster dogs that have come thru our home and have tons of tricks up my sleeve.

So please, feel free to reach out to me. That’s what blogs and friends are for! Good luck!

Enjoy yourself out there- and keep on wagging.


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