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Meatball Day!

Updated: May 16, 2020

Umm, hi there! Did you know today is THE BEST day, because it's National Meatball Day- and if you can believe it, MY BIRTHDAY too!

Mom and dad didn't even know that when they named me- or "chose" my birthday (because being a rescue, we don't know exactly when I was born).

When mom told me, my eyes bugged out of my head (well, more than they usually do)- especially, when she said I was going to get a special dinner in honor!

I think you might know mom and dad are vegetarians- they have been for more than 20 years each- so they don't really eat meat. I HATE vegetables so I really cannot understand this at all- I literally pick them out of food if they are in there!

I heard mom and dad talking about the Honest Kitchen food we eat- that "it has veggies in there, but it's just ground up" and "he doesn't even notice". Well, I DO NOTICE thanks, but I can tolerate them that way...I really like Honest Kitchen! But I still like to crunch on things too. Little Mouse doesn't have any teeth so she needs the "soup" for dinner, but I can have kibble too. She still always tries to steal my crunchies- well, and if she eats to slow I try to finish her soup...

Anyway, despite their unbelievable aversion to meat, mom and dad have found an amazing replacement: Nate's Meatless Meatballs that taste just like the real thing. Not kidding. I mean, who would you trust more than someone NAMED Meatball to tell you the truth about that?

I was so excited when they let me "help" them cook dinner- I could see all the magic that goes into my namesake food!

They made pasketti too, but I didn't care about that. I am also a really good boy and I never eat off plates- or even beg. Even if mom or dad hands me a plate to lick, I know better! We went to a dog birthday party once and I wouldn't eat the dog cake until dad fed it to me because it was on a plate and I didn't think that was right!

Mom told me it was time and I could have my celebratory bite and it smelled so good. I tried to savor the moment but I just couldn't help it...she was giving it to me on a FORK not a PLATE, so it was all good!

This was the BEST Meatball Day ever- well, other than the one where I was born!? What would anyone do with out me...I shudder to think.

Thankfully, no one has to know how hard that would be because I have graced you all with my presence. You're welcome.

Keep wagging, friends!


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