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keen on hiking

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

hey there, friends! did you know meatball and i like hiking?

back when i was a little younger, mom thought she had to carry me on hikes because she didn’t think i could do it on my own. she’d try to put me in the dog carry bag but i fussed and complained until she put me down. i was a stubborn pup…well, i guess who are we kidding, i still am!

one time we did a hike called cable line. mom isn’t sure why dad invited her on this hike because she doesn’t like steep hikes and this one was ridiculously straight up the whole way. usually dad tells her it’s steep or she asks, but somehow this conversation was not had…or dad just didn’t say.

after about ¼ mile of straight up, 2-foot boulders, mom was too tired. she was grateful when we found the “easy way” back down route. dad suggested she take me too, which she thought i would appreciate- but no, i was really mad because i wanted to go with dad and meaty! even if mom gave up, it didn’t mean i wanted to.

as we were descending, i kept looking back and stopping, pouting- and even did a little swearing (i am NOT all sugar and spice!). mom laughed at me as i threw a tantrum all the way down. she knew then i was going to do it myself- so i would go with dad next time (and mom can do whatever she wants with her wimpy ass)!

this weekend we went to the evans creek preserve which is not far from our house. it’s a pretty easy set of trails in the grass and wetland valley- much like what we look at from our balcony.

i will let meatball tell you about the hike and rate the trail for you, but i wanted to tell you about the best hiking shoes by keen- the women’s voyageur (that mom got at rei, our fav outdoor place)!

mom tried out the keen voyageurs when she went to africa- but she’s let me use them a few times since. her feet are a little bigger than mine (size 8 vs size xxxxxs), but they still work for me.

these shoes fit great the instant you put them on. mom was really pleased that she didn’t need to break them in at all! she had been so worried that she'd be hiking in the jungle in pain, because they would be too stiff and she’d get blisters- but instead, she was rejoicing out loud (to anyone that would listen) that "not once, were they even the slightest bit pokey or stiff"!

they are also really easy to keep looking nice. after the trip, they were covered in red, africa dust- but as they are a nice, thick rubber (not too textured) and leather, they wipe off pretty well.

even the mesh, laces and the fabric around the ankle still look good. the colors they chose especially, had a “gently loved” look from the start- and even after 2 trips around the world, these shoes really hide any dirt and wear well.

although mom knows these shoes will last through her many trips (the next big one, being africa again in august), she’s thinking about getting another pair just so that if these ever wear out, she will never have to find a replacement. i get that from her 'cause i do that as well- especially with make up, jeans and shoes/ boots.

anyway, you’ll have to stay tuned and see where these keens take us next!

thanks for reading-

love, little mouse

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