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it's a girl! yep, we have a dumb, new little sister.

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

so you may know that meatball and i really don't like puppies. i am not sure i have expressed that clearly: we REEEEEEALLY don't like puppies.

mom and dad don't normally foster puppies, although they do like them. mom tolerates them; dad calls her the "puppy grinch". this is because she knows puppies are trouble and doesn't fall for their crap. they are cute- but they are monsters!

somehow mom and dad got conned into taking two puppies from lousiana who were scheduled to be euthanized because they both had heart conditions. when mom and dad saw them (mom's videography sucks by the way), they knew they were in trouble- of course they were rattie mixes which is their kryptonite!

they had to go into the bathroom for quarantine and at first they were so good and quiet. mom and dad must have fallen for this because they named the "really chill" one, satori- the highest state of zen in buddhism.

the irony of her name now is killer- because she is not chill...well, at least most of the time.

neko went to another foster and satori stayed with us. mom and dad worked on training her- and she worked on worming her way into their hearts. mom said she'd never choose another dog after zelda- and she meant it...but she knew dad really loved satori for some reason...and she loved satori for some reason too.

so somehow, despite us not being puppy people, we suddenly have a puppy for a sister!?

meatball likes her and snuggles with her- even PLAYS with her sometimes?! i am not her biggest fan, though i don't mind if she's sitting still...but that's the problem- she really doesn't most of the time.

she is taller than me and pretty much just steps over me- and on me- chasing her toys...and she tries to take MINE when mom and dad try to play fetch with me! i am just not as fast so they have to hold her or put her away so i can play with my toys- which is really hard to do without teeth!

satori loves me though- and she kind of reminds me of me when i was a young i guess i will try and be nice for mom and dad's sake.

she's just a little whippersnapper- i just have to keep her in line!

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