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hoppy easter!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

hey there, friends! it's not quite easter here- it's still 4/20...but we are preparing to patrol the perimeter to make sure no bunny gets through our defenses!

we know it's been said the easter bunny brings treats, but seriously, what's the f*cking point of treats that dogs can't eat? chocolate, really? if it's not dog friendly, we don't want what you're selling mr. rabbit.

mom and dad don't like the easter bunny either. last year, he got in trouble and scared them so badly, he almost got shot! well, it turned out "he" was really our tenant in disguise- so it's not as though mom and dad would ever consider shooting an animal, ever...but people are still fair game! our tenant realizes now, the serious consequences of impersonating an official holiday figure- and she promises never to do it again. come to think of it, santa skipped us this year too...

between our vigilance and their lack of capacity for practical jokes in the middle of the night, no bunny will set foot here tonight.

mom said she filled our eggs with chicken liver but we have yet to find any, so we will believe it when we see it. we think mom was just trying to get us to pose nicely!

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