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DIY - Squirrel House

Umm.. Hello. Meatball here with some simple plans for a Squirrel House. They’re a bit crazy, but always fun to watch, so I figured why not put my skills to use and give the little fellah’s a cozy place to rest.

As with all of my DIY projects, I’m not a professional, just a little dog that likes to make things. These plans require knowledge of power tools. If you don’t feel comfortable taking on any of these steps, or using any of the tools I suggest please don’t. I'll be honest and admit that Dad helped me with the cutting. Squirrels like nuts, not finger tips, so practice safety first!

DIY - Squirrel House


Pine Plank – actual measurements 9 ¼ x ¾

Cedar Fence Plank – actual measurements 5 ½ x ½

Small L bracket 1”

#8 -1 ¼ wood screw

#6 – ½ wood screw

Hinge 2 piece

Slide Latch

Recommended tools:

Table Saw

Miter Chop Saw


3/32 drill bit

4” hole saw – or jig saw



Set table saw to 30deg and rip top edge

· From top edge cut 23” to length


With table saw at 30deg rip second piece

· From top edge cut 19 ¼” to length


Right Side-

Set Miter Chop Saw to 30deg

· Cut to 30deg

Set Miter Chop Saw back to 0deg

· Cut from top Corner to 21 ¾”

Left Side-Top- (2 pieces)

Set Miter Chop to 30deg

· Cut to 30deg

Set Miter Chop Saw back to 0deg

· Cut from top Corner to 9”

Drill 4” hole in one for door opening – center to board -bottom edge of hole 1 ½ up from base of panel

Left Side- Porch Platform

With Miter Chop Saw at 0deg

· Cut plank to 11”

Left Side- Bottom-

With Miter Chop Saw at 0deg

· Cut plank to 11”


With Miter Chop Saw at 0deg

· Cut plank to 15”


With Miter Chop Saw at 0deg

· Cut plank to 23”

Rip on table saw as close as safely possible – to trim 1 long edge at 30deg

All screws 1 ¼” unless otherwise specified

Lay down Back Panel with long edge (back) facing up. Place a couple of scrap pieces of wood under for drilling, so you don’t drill into your work table. Be sure when screwing in to not overtighten and split wood.

On Back Panel, scribe ¼” on sides and bottom with pencil

Using 3/32” bit drill pilot holes from top

Left Edge: 2”, 9”, 14”, 21”

Right Edge: 2”, 5”, 8”, 15, 18”

Bottom Edge: 1 ½”, 3 ½”, 6 ½”, 8 ½”

Hang one edge off table and clamp into place or use scrap wood to carefully balance and screw in the Right Side Panel (21 3/4”) – to the left of your back piece. (since you’re viewing from the back) Aligned to top, bottom edge of back panel to continue the 30 deg angle.

Screw on Bottom Plank (when viewing from back) right edge will stick out past back panel.

Screw in Top Left Panel with hole (9”) Aligned to top, bottom edge of back panel to continue the 30 deg angle.

On Back Panel scribe center line for side platform at 9 ¾” from back panel top edge

· Drill pilot holes at 1” and 4 ¼” from Right side

With 5 ½” of Porch Platform Panel (11”) sticking out to the right (when viewing from the back) screw into place – being sure to keep at 90deg

Turn over, place Front Panel siting upward

Scribe from sides ¼”

Drill pilot holes 1 ½” from each top and bottom edges

Make sure sides are in alignment with Front Panel and screw into place

On Porch bottom side, scribe ¼” from outside edge

Drill pilot holes at 1” and 4 ½”

Attach Side Panel (9”) to Porch

Bottom side of Porch mark ½” from Back Panel outside edge

· With ½ screw attach L Bracket to bottom side of Porch to make stop for Left Side Bottom Panel

Left Side -Bottom panel (11”)

· With ½” screws

· Attach Hinges to align to bottom edge

Place Left Side-Bottom Panel with Hinge edges aligned to Bottom Panel, use ½” screws to attach into place. (note: may need to slightly trim or sand to fit loose enough to open)

Attach Slide Latch to back top corner of Left Side Bottom Panel and Latch to Back Panel – (with Latch stops down) using ½” screws

Roof - 30deg ripped edge will be front edge with long edge facing down.

On underside mark 3 ½” on sides and center to Porch side (make sure side is square) panel and Right side wall.

Mark each of the 3 edges and scribe on top of Roof

Drill pilot holes at 2” and 5”

Make sure back edge has a very slight drip edge extending beyond Back Panel and screw on roof

Now put a small amount of fleece blanket inside and hang. We drilled 4” screws thru Back Panel from inside, into tree and one more from the outside thru roof down into tree.

Don’t forget to add a few nuts to front porch and just inside door to encourage exploration! Squirrels do a get a bit squirrely afterall, but willing to take risks for a nut. -Peanuts aren’t great, shelled, unsalted and not roasted, variety is best. Our little friend in the backyard, Preston, especially loves walnuts.

We also made a slightly more complicated front panel using a chevron pattern. To do so, we cut some narrower cedar fencing at 45 deg to make trapazoids the width of the inside of the front of the house. Attached them together with a small strip on the inside. Then ripped some cedar planks to 2 ½” and created an outer frame shape with the chevron pattern attached to it. This required slightly notching the inside platform of the porch. We were then able to attach it to the front of the house.

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