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Zoorenity Reusable Pads

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These wild, reusable and washable pads will change the way you look at your pet's habits!

These waterproof pads offer environmentally sound protection for your home and car from the damage your pets can do to your nice things (well, that is if you even have nice things AND pets!).

If you have a new puppy or an old dog who needs elimination support with potty pads, not only are the traditional, plastic ones a significant contributor to landfills, but they don't look very nice in your home.

As your pets move and play, they can become displaced- and maybe even get torn or shredded by your pets (who hopefully don't eat them too)! Suddenly the mess you were trying to stop is shredded all over the room- and there's a mess on the floor.

These pads solve all that! They offer solid, waterproof protection from messes and your pets are far less likely to even attempt to destroy them- never mind succeed!

These pads are great for floors, your couch, the car and even as crate liners. They work well as a "place" mat for your dog who knows to go to a certain location on command- and this spot can be folded up and taken with you to friends' and family's homes as well- then there's no excuse to leave your pup home!

These pads are really great and withstand many washes and tons of wear.

1 package contains:

  • (2) pads
  • 30" x 35" each pad

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