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Zoorenity CBD Oil for Pets- 1000mg

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Our formula is serenity in a bottle- for both you and your pets!

Zoorenity has formulated a truly effective hemp based CBD formula for your pets!

This full-spectrum, hemp based, full flower CBD oil is produced responsibly and tested thoroughly to be good for both the planet and your pets!

From the small family, US based hemp farms to the organic, non-GMO farming practices, to the third-party testing results we provide you will be confident in the quality and effectiveness of our product.

CBD can be utilized for a variety of applications from anxiety to pain, providing a natural solution with a cost-effective price tag.

Don't be fooled by other products which are mostly oil and hype, containing very little CBD. If you have tried other products and been disappointed, we encourage you to try Zoorenity- because we believe you will see the difference as so many of our clients have.

For the proper dose for your pet, see our weight chart.


  • 30ml/ 1 fl oz
  • 2ml sample


Melissa- July 2020

This CBD oil is amazing! I got home from work today and Lincoln had so much energy and I’m not noticing any seizures. I’m so thankful that you suggested trying it.

(Note: tears came to her eyes when she was telling us this!)

Crystal- March 2020

Holy Cow~ Sancho is a completely different dog! Some backstory: he was a foster failure. He needed to put pulled by a rescue or he was going to be PTS (put to sleep) because of his anxiety and kennel presence. He would lunge at his door, bark loudly and make so much noise...Eileen (Doggone U Dog training) suggested we try CBD oil, so we did and WHOA he was so chill.

[He had previously had a rough time in class, but on CBD] he handled it beautifully, even nose greeted the other dog before he decided to hang out in my lap and take a nap.

That week I forgot his CBD one day as I was running out the door to work, but decided to test [him] with no CBD. He was such a mess. Everything little thing that made a noise in the house he was running towards and backing at; he was not at rest of the couch, just nervous.

The next day gave him the CBD. It was a windy day and the sign on my door kept knocking the door most of the day- he didn't care at all. I recently just walked him to Lowes and walked through without ever even having to correct his behavior! He made a couple tiny for him whines, but walked past everything like a champ!

This has been a game changer for me and him as well!

Elmer (the Australian Shepherd)- Feb 2020

"It's hard work being a herding dog. Patrolling and protecting is a 24 hour gig. have no idea. I have to keep squirrels out of the yard, tell the crows to keep their distance, alert everyone when a package gets delivered, tell my neighbors to keep the noise down, investigate unusual smells, and don't even get me started about puppies. It never ends. I'm basically in charge of everyone. Sometimes I get anxious and overreact to things that I shouldn't.
My mom and dad have started giving me Zoorenity CBD to help me relax and it works! They just put a few drops into my food dish along with my breakfast and dinner every day and I make sure to lick it all up. It tastes great and I don't have to swallow any gross pills. What I like best is that it doesn't affect my personality or energy. It's important that I stay sharp, and I can still do my job and play like normal. Zoorenity just helps take the edge off so I can relax.
Mom and Dad say I'm less reactive now and so do the dog agents at Rockstar (my daycare). If you're feeling stressed out or anxious, I think you should give Zoorenity a try."

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